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No. 8 Anambra Crescent,

Maitama - Abuja

Mon - Sat: 9am - 7pm

Sun: 12 noon - 6pm

Bridal Session

Prepare for your big day and beyond with our exclusive pre-wedding bridal package at Amarya. Our meticulously curated spa sessions are designed to rejuvenate a bride’s body and soul. Beginning with traditional exfoliating scrubs blending Nigerian, Moroccan, Sudanese, and Indian beauty secrets, our offerings include detoxifying body wraps, serene bridal soaks, specialized VJay care, hands and feet pampering, soothing massages, and hair treatments infused with revitalizing herbal blends. Complementing these are personalized skincare routines and essential facials, alongside nourishing bridal foods.

These holistic bridal glow sessions encompass a range of services tailored for your radiance:

These bridal glow sessions consist of the following services:

  1. Body waxing
  2. Hands are feet bridal henna
  3. Amarya pedicure and manicure
  4. Bridal dukhan
  5. Massage
  6. Body wraps
  7. Exfoliating scrubs
  8. Skin care regime
  9. Facials
  10. Body soaks
  11. Hair care
  12. Teeth whitening
  13. Specially curated bridal foods

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Explore our range of yoga classes to improve flexibility and de-stress, or dive into a refreshing and low-impact swim workout. Find your perfect fit and move your body & mind at Amaryadotcom.